New Dead Space Like Game: The New Horror Game With Unique Death Animations

New Dead Space Like Game: In response to a fan’s request, Striking Distance Studios’ CEO Glen Schofield tweeted that the studio is “not holding anything back” when it comes to the game’s death animations. He went on to explain that the creation of the Season Pass content has not yet begun.

New Dead Space-Like Game

Callisto Protocol, a horror game coming out next month for consoles and PC, is visually and mechanically reminiscent of the critically acclaimed Dead Space series. And much like Dead Space, the deaths in Callisto Protocol will be gruesome, both for you when you make a mistake and get bit, and for your alien enemies when you slay them.

But some of these brutal and chilling death animations will be locked behind the game’s season pass according to fresh details uncovered on the game’s Steam shop website. And that’s just strange and stupid.

Every major and minor game that comes out in the year of our Lord twenty-two thousand and two has some form of downloadable content, paid expansions, or season passes. This is just how things work these days. Since this has been going on for so long, few of us really notice how much garbage is being pushed on us in addition to the actual game by the publishers.

But then a business locks away its death animations behind a paywall, and you’re reminded of how childish and materialistic the gaming industry can be. Yes, it seems that in the upcoming horror game Callisto Protocol, some death animations are reserved for season pass purchasers alone.

New Dead Space Like Game
New Dead Space-Like Game

As noted by VGC, the game’s Steam page now includes information about the different editions of the game and the season pass. And according to the data provided on Steam, 25 distinct death animations are being sold via two different DLC packs.

The remaining 12 are additional death animations for enemies while the remaining 13 are for the game’s protagonist, Issac Clarke Jacob. The season pass is bundled with the digital deluxe edition, which costs $US80 ($111) on PC. (The cost to play the original game is $US60 ($83).)

To be clear, the season pass DLC includes more than simply death animations, as the game itself ships with an unspecified number of gory kills. Players who opt out of the downloadable content and instead purchase the main game need not feel cheated.

But it does seem quite foolish to keep death animations of all things behind a paywall, especially in a horror game that has spent most of its marketing showing just how vicious and gory its killings will be in the full game.

There are many who might not give a hoot, or who would argue that it’s only a small piece of material that’s being kept from people who merely buy the base game.

However, I find myself worrying about the future if this model, together with downloadable content and season passes, becomes the standard. Extra animations have been paid for by gamers before, so this isn’t even a first for publishers. When Sonic Origins came out earlier this year, Sega did it.

What if this starts to feel like something everyone just has to accept? Is there any other “mini-game” content that can be separated from the main game and sold separately? Additional Animated Reloads? More meaningless chatter?

Additional props to spice up the visuals of the game? A bit ridiculous, but we are witnessing firsthand how publishers are putting cartoons behind downloadable content and paywalls. After this, what will happen? I don’t want to know the answer. The release date for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC is set for December 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Callisto Protocol Dead Space?

Playing The Callisto Protocol, a new game by a developer with no previous titles to their name, is like returning home. It shamelessly borrows Dead Space’s immersive science fiction horror notions for its gameplay mechanics, scenery, and monsters.

Is there going to be a new Dead Space game?

A new release date of early 2023 was revealed on March 11, 2022. The release date for Dead Space was announced to be January 27, 2023, in a gameplay clip that was unveiled on October 4, 2022.

Which Dead Space game is being remade?

Release date information for the Dead Space remake has been announced for January 27 of 2023. Phillippe Ducharme, a Senior Producer of Dead Space, issued the following statement alongside the news.

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