Editorial Policy

In an effort to ensure accuracy, Game Empress will always fact-check in a non-biased, open, and accessible manner. For us, good editorial standards mean following these rules:

Nonpartisan approach: Game Empress is committed to remaining neutral. We believe in investigating statements made by people on all sides of the gaming spectrum using the same criteria. Without bias or consideration, we expose false reports.

Evidence-based: Facts are sacred to a fact checker since they are based on evidence. As a result, we take great care to double-check our facts, using a variety of resources to verify that our findings are reliable.

We employ online technologies like reverse image search and data from official sources to verify the information. When we need to confirm an assertion, we also get in touch with the appropriate parties. We never use quotes from unknown sources.

Honesty: Game Empress lays out the steps taken to disprove the story in great detail. This is done for the sake of openness and as a form of reader education, preparing them to critically examine statements they may encounter in the future.