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GTA 6 Fans Praise Female Character Lucia in New Video

Hey GTA Fans! GTA 6 has two protagonists, one of whom is

Rahul Khaira

Payday 3 Remove Controversial DRM Feature Just Days Before Launch

Overkill Software, the game developer, and Deep Silver, the game publisher, have

Rahul Khaira

GTA Online Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Exclusive Rewards, New Clothing, and Discounts

Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most successful and influential video

Ritik Shimar

Nintendo Teases New DS and Wii Remakes for September Event

A trusted source who often shares secret information says that in September

Rahul Khaira

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Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail to Get Major Updates on iPhone 15 Pro

HoYoverse has exciting news! They're making big improvements to the games Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact for the brand-new

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Honkai: Star Rail Leak Reveals Powerful Duo Combat Gameplay

Recent news about the Honkai: Star Rail game has revealed some gameplay of a powerful character named Topaz and her

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Honkai: Star Rail Leak Belobog Map Expansion: What to Expect

Hey gamers! Some new information from the game Honkai: Star Rail has come out. They're going to make the Belobog

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Leak Reveals Seele Rerun: Will She Be Back

New information from a user named Dimbreath suggests that a character named Seele might be available again in version 1.4

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira


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Next Nintendo Direct Release Date: What to Expect

Nintendo is a famous company that makes video games. Many people around the world know about them. People are always

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Sony PlayStation Portable Release Date, Price, Specs, and How to Use

Finally, Sony is making a new handheld gaming gadget. It's called the PlayStation Portal, and it was shown at the

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

PS5 Price Drop Signals New Model on the Horizon

Sony Interactive Entertainment has decided to make the PS5 cheaper in certain places. This is happening because they might be

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Atari 2600+: Bring Back Your Childhood Memories with This Classic Console

Atari and Plaion are working together to create a new old-fashioned game console for your home. This new console is

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Fortnite Server Down: When Will Fortnite Come Back Online?

Fortnite Server Down: Today marks the release of a new update for Fortnite, and it's not just any update—it's the

George George

Soulstice Official PC Requirements Have Been Exposed

Soulstice Official PC Requirements: Date Of Release For The Soulstice: Reply Game Studios and Modus Games are hard at work

George George

GTA 6 New Trailer Was Not Published On October 21, 2022

GTA 6 New Trailer Was Not Published On October 21, 2022: A trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 was much

George George

Is Rumors True About GTA 6 Vice City: Insider Shares Alleged Images Leaks from Rockstar Games!

The infamous GTA 6 leaks from September 2022 rocked the gaming world, and Rockstar Software was forced to acknowledge them

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira