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Bandai Namco Ace Combat 8 is in the Works With Unreal Engine 5

Since the beginning of Ace Combat games, players have enjoyed the amazing

Rahul Khaira

Rockstar Games Might Soon Bring More Games to GTA+

Rockstar Games might soon bring some of their games to GTA+. Rockstar

Rahul Khaira

Don’t Nod Delays Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden to February 2024

In a surprising twist, the exciting new game called Banishers: Ghosts of

Rahul Khaira

Star Wars Jedi 3 Officially in Development, Confirms Cal Kestis Actor

Hey Gamer! After the success of 2019's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Rahul Khaira

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Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 Reveals Planar Infinity Event to the Simulated Universe

Honkai: Star Rail is getting an exciting new update called Version 1.4, and it's bringing a fun event called "Planar

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Honkai: Star Rail Gift of Radiance Login Event Gives Players 800 Stellar Jades

Honkai: Star Rail just introduced a new way for players to get more Stellar Jades in Version 1.3. HoYoverse launching

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Honkai: Star Rail Introduces New Playable Character Hanya

Honkai: Star Rail reveals its latest addition to the game with the upcoming Version 1.5 update – the four-star character

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Honkai: Star Rail Introduces New 5- Star Character Argenti

Honkai: Star Rail has just unveiled the second featured character for the Version 1.5 update, introducing Argenti from the Knights

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira


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Next Nintendo Direct Release Date: What to Expect

Nintendo is a famous company that makes video games. Many people around the world know about them. People are always

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Sony PlayStation Portable Release Date, Price, Specs, and How to Use

Finally, Sony is making a new handheld gaming gadget. It's called the PlayStation Portal, and it was shown at the

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

PS5 Price Drop Signals New Model on the Horizon

Sony Interactive Entertainment has decided to make the PS5 cheaper in certain places. This is happening because they might be

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Atari 2600+: Bring Back Your Childhood Memories with This Classic Console

Atari and Plaion are working together to create a new old-fashioned game console for your home. This new console is

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Greed Is Good Release Date: When Will It Be Available?

Do you like adventure games that ask you to explore, fight, and work together with others? Do you also enjoy

Rahul Khaira Rahul Khaira

Prince of Persia Remake Is Not Canceled, But Is Again Delayed

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, a time-shifting platformer, is getting a slick remake. When it was first announced

George George

KungFu Kickball is coming to Xbox next month

Maybe you forgot this one! Presented in April 2020 for the first time, KungFu Kickball will land in February on

geadmin geadmin

Get Ready to Blossom: The Pokemon Go Spring Into Spring Event Details are Here!

All of the April 2023 events were revealed by Niantic and Pokemon Go. And I can assure you that you

Ritik Shimar Ritik Shimar