Heists Event: Ends With a New Heist Challenge

Heists Event:: The Grand Theft Auto Online community completely destroyed our GTA$100 billion aim in The Heist Challenge two years ago, stealing an unbelievable GTA$1 trillion instead. To properly wrap up The Heists Event this year, we are issuing a call to all thieves, wheelmen, hackers, and Heist tacticians in Los Santos and Blaine County, requesting that they increase their efforts by 100% from last year.

The brand-new Heists Challenge will put your criminal skills to the test like never before. Help the community reach the goal of 2 GTA$ TRILLION in stolen goods this week and you’ll all be rewarded later in the year.

To contribute to the group effort, you can take part in any Heist Finale before November 30. Remember that no matter whose Heist you’re eyeing, this week all players can double their GTA$ and RP earnings on The Pacific Standard Job (and also receive the Pacific Standard Sweater for completing the Finale).

All classic Heists’ Setup Missions still award 2X GTA$ and RP, whereas The Doomsday Heist’s Prep Missions award 1.5X GTA$ and RP.

Here It Is: The Classic Widebody From The Overpowering Sentinel

When the Übermacht Sentinel Classic was released, it was the kind of blank canvas that mod enthusiasts only get once every generation. What should we do now? This is something only Benny would know.

Get the Widebody treatment for your Übermacht Sentinel Classic today at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

To the Wasted! Including Rampage T-shirts

You could go to Ponsonbys with your Heist earnings and buy some fancy new clothes, but there’s something satisfying about getting something for nothing. This week, if you log in to GTA Online at any time, you’ll be rewarded with a pair of in-game shirts featuring the Wasted, a symbol of Grand Theft Auto’s 25-year legacy. You can buy a t-shirt or a Rampage t-shirt without resorting to thievery.

Get Your Hands on a Pacific Standard Sweater

Being able to get away with a bank heist A fleece, to be exact, in the form of a Pacific Standard Sweater, will be yours if you take the Pacific Standard Job. Now you may wear it with pride while making fun of your corporate victims, demonstrating your criminal credibility, and representing an international financial powerhouse.

Pursuit Races Award 2.5 Times the Usual GTA$ and RP

A crook is only as good as their most recent escape. Join the LSPD and other drivers in Pursuit Races to hone your skills at evading capture while earning 2.5 times as much GTA$ and RP for the duration of the week.

Pay for Security Guards and Helpers is 2.5 Times GTA

Six feet of dirt at Vinewood Cemetery is not an ideal working environment for a business leader. Avoiding this problem requires only having competent employees scout out potential dangers so that company leaders may concentrate on what really matters: swindling the public and dodging taxes.

This week, the company’s gains will be passed down to the bodyguards and associates, who will receive a pay raise of 2.5 times their regular rate for doing extra duties.

Heists Event
Heists Event

Martin Madrazo Contact Missions Are a 2.5x Multiplier for GTA$ and RP

Martin Madrazo, a successful businessman, has an extremely low tolerance for dishonesty. Accomplish his Contact Missions and increase your GTA$ and RP earnings by a factor of 2.5 this week and you’ll quickly earn his favor.

Double Gold and Experience in Hunting Pack (Remix) Vs. Player Mode

Driving the MTL Dune on a racetrack hanging in the air as Scramjets attack you from all sides is a good example of how quickly you can learn to multitask under duress.

Spend your time wisely until the 30th of November when you can no longer participate in this chaotic Adversary Mode and earn 2.5 times as much GTA$ and RP for doing so.

Superior Luxury Automobile Display Hall

Go to Simeon, the best place in Los Santos to buy “legitimately” titled high-end automobiles. Mr. Yetarian is always happy to have customers, er, customers, come into his shop to spend their money. Give these automobiles a spin for five minutes, check out their specs, or make an immediate purchase:

  • An icy-white Bravado Buffalo STX with a metallic finish.
  • The yellow Maxwell Vagrant with the Nature Reserve decals.
  • The Iconic Warrener Black Vulcar HKR
  • The dull GT in classic Stars and Stripes paintwork, the Metallic Red Vapid Flash
  • Shiny Green Metallic Canis Seminole Frontier

Exposé De Voitures De Luxe

Do not strain your face against the glass of the Luxury Autos Showroom as you peruse the specifications of the Enus Deity and the Imponte Deluxo, both of which can be purchased there.

Grand Prize Car at the Car Show: Vysser Neo

Winners of this week’s LS Car Meet will receive a prize ride. To claim your Vysser Neo, a compact sports car with many curves, you must win a Pursuit Series race for five consecutive days.

Take a spin in the Benefactor SM722, Pegassi Torero XO, and Benefactor LM87 at the Test Track at the LS Car Meet. Scrambles and Time Trials are great ways to get your blood pumping and have some fun. If you like what you see, you can buy one of the three-Test Rides right then and there at a 40% discount as part of the special Black Friday discounts running from November 25th through the 28th.

Diamond Casino’s Top Ten: The Next Generation T20

Take a spin on the Lucky Wheel in the foyer of The Diamond Casino & Resort to see whether lady luck is on your side. The Progen T20, this week’s top prize, is a hypercar so lovely that you might spend more time than necessary in your garage admiring it.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get another heist in Grand Theft Auto 5, how long do you have to wait? It usually takes place over the course of a single game day and lasts for 48 minutes. During that time, you can complete the necessary pre-heist missions.
What Are All the Heists in Story Mode?

The Jewel Store Job, Merryweather Heist, Paleto Score, Bureau Raid, and Big Score are the five single-player Heists in Grand Theft Auto 5. Lester is in charge of plotting the Heists in the single-player mode, but the player has a say in how the mission is approached and who joins the Crew.

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Do Another Heist GTA?

About 15 minutes of downtime is required between heists. There are three attainable skill levels for GTA Online heists.

How Do You Continue in Heist Setup?

After the first Heist is completed, there will be a little pause before Lester contacts you about the second. Call Lester on the in-game phone and, when he picks up, select the “Replay a Heist” option to relive the events of a previous Heist. From that point on, you can access any previously completed Heists and play them again.

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