Star Fox and F-zero Author Making Switch Game From Manga

Star Fox and F-zero Author Making Switch Game: Takaya Imamura, whose new manga Omega 6 debuted this week, has announced plans to adapt the series into a Switch game.

Star Fox and F-zero Author Making Switch Game

Before his departure from Nintendo in early 2021, Imamura had spent more than three decades there. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Super Smash Bros., Star Fox, and F-Zero are just a few of the titles he contributed to that gained widespread attention. Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardo, Captain Falcon, and many others are just a few of the characters he’s designed.

Happy Meal is in charge of making his new game. The expected release date is 2023. Although details are scarce at the moment, we may assume that it will take the form of a text adventure. Combat scenes will also be available for players to experience. The game will also have an original plot inspired by the manga. Above you may take a sneak peek at the latest build in development.

Star Fox and F-zero Author Making Switch Game
Star Fox and F-zero Author Making Switch Game

The bounty hunters Thunder and Kaira search for a new planet to take Earth’s place in the Omega 6 manga. The series can be purchased here but is currently only available in French.

Frequently asked questions

Does Nintendo own F Zero? 

The Star Fox and F-Zero team up in this image The Creator of the Frequently Asked Questions for the Switch Game
A racing video game, F-Zero was created and released by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Did Nintendo Make Star Fox?

Star Fox is a series of arcade-style rail shooters and third-person action adventures developed and marketed by Nintendo and was originally created by Shigeru Miyamoto. The games follow the Star Fox combat team of anthropomorphic animals, led by lead protagonist Fox McCloud.

Why did Nintendo stop making F-Zero games?

Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé told Venture Beat that the lack of a new entry is likely due to the fact that the Kyoto-based company has not been able to come up with a new, unique gameplay strategy for it. “ Is there a particular reason F-Zero

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