Nintendo Switch Online Update Could Interest Gamecube Players

Nintendo Switch Online Update: Users of the Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED who are eager to play more GameCube games on their systems may be pleased to hear that Nintendo has released a new update to Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch Online Update

After initially only supporting NES and SNES titles, Nintendo recently added Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 titles to the Switch Online library via the “Expansion Pack,” a more expensive tier. The next logical step would be GameCube games, and many are waiting for Nintendo to confirm this. They may have hinted at it, though, on the most recent results call and subsequent discussion with investors.

In response to a question from a potential investor, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said the company is “considering various measures” and “additional advancements” to increase the number of Switch Online members.

Furukawa announced that as of September 2022, there were over 36 million paying customers of Nintendo Switch Online. “Some members may opt not to renew their subscriptions when they come to an end, but overall, the service’s subscriber base is growing in tandem with the popularity of Nintendo Switch and other online-enabled games.

Nintendo Switch Online Update
Nintendo Switch Online Update

In addition, the addition of Nintendo 64 games to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service we launched last year is responsible for a growing share of total subscriptions.”

“To ensure that players have a positive experience with Nintendo Switch Online for as long as possible, we are examining a number of options, including expanding the service’s existing content.

This presentation outlines our ongoing efforts to utilize Nintendo Account in an effort to foster long-lasting ties with our customer base. To that end, we see Nintendo Switch Online as our initiative to keep our consumers engaged with Nintendo Switch for as long as possible.”

Although there is nothing here that intentionally hints at the Nintendo GameCube, the inclusion of the N64 and the promise of “more refinements” seem to indicate that further classic gaming systems will be added to the subscription service in the near future. Of course, if this does occur, the Game Boy could be released before the GameCube, but it’s more likely that the GameCube will be the next home system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Latest Switch Update?

Pocket-lint: The Latest News Since October 11, 2022, all Switch consoles have had access to Nintendo’s newest software update, version 15.0. 0. But don’t assume that this update will bring any exciting new functionality.

Is the Switch Online Expansion Out?

Pocket-lint: The Latest News Since October 11, 2022, all Switch consoles have had access to Nintendo’s newest software update, version 15.0. 0. But don’t assume that this upgrade will bring any exciting new functionality.

What Benefits of Switch Online Membership?

Your Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership now grants you access to even more features, such as online play for up to four people in certain Nintendo 64TM titles. Bonus content for Mario KartTM 8 Deluxe: Booster Course Pass, Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Happy Home Paradise, and other downloadable content 2

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