Monster Hunter World Patch Note Update: Capcom Announces New Interactions

Monster Hunter World Patch Note Update: The contents of Monster Hunter: Rise of the Sunbreaker’s planned Title Update 3 were revealed in a recent announcement, and now Capcom has turned to the game’s official site to detail the changes that will be included in the update on November 24th.

New enemies and the option to take followers on more adventures are just two of the changes detailed in the lengthy patch notes (thanks, Nintendo Everything). As well as the standard tweaks and improvements, the game will also be updated with new weapons, armor, talents, and rewards.

Check out the following from Capcom to read the whole patch notes.

Third Title Update (13.0.0) Released on November 24th, 2022

Fundamental Alterations/Additions

Invented Parts of the Story

  • The Gathering Hub’s quests will now feature a new monster.
  • The game has been updated to include new afflicted beasts and Risen elder dragons.
  • The game now has additional tasks to complete.
  • We’ve upped the ante on Anomaly Research Level.
  • Anomaly Investigations now go up to a higher level.
  • The Anomaly Investigations game mode now features a slider to set the difficulty.
  • Anomaly Investigations has expanded its roster of monster types.
  • There are now more tools, layers of protection, and ways to kill.
  • As a result, the maximum level at which armor can be improved has been increased.
  • Increasing the rate at which gun lance shells fire is now a selectable option when making weapons with the Qurious Weapon Crafting perk.
  • The arsenal of abilities that can be used in Qurious Armor Crafting has been expanded.
  • Qurious Armor Crafting now has support for two new varieties of armor augments.
  • Merging—Aurora is a new melding style available in Melding Pot.
  • There is a new set of rewards available in the Market’s lottery.
  • There are brand-new ornaments and scrolls to peruse.

Variations to the System

  • More types of quests can now be undertaken with the help of followers.
  • There are now more ways to alter how your Followers use Wyverns and the items you provide them. You can modify
  • these settings by going to Menu > Options > Game Settings.
  • Several new titles for Guild Cards have been unlocked.
  • There is now a new Hero Badge to earn!
  • All of the new badges in version now have corresponding Steam achievements.
  • We’ve added NVIDIA DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing) support. Users of an RTX graphics card from NVIDIA can now access NVIDIA DLAA in the “Anti-Aliasing” settings menu.

Fixed certain bugs and rebalanced the game


  • Fixed an issue where the explosion damage from a Large Barrel Bomb used in conjunction with a Great Sword’s True
  • Charged Slash (after successfully chaining from a Strongarm Stance) was too high.
  • Now, using Destroyer Oil on your sword and shield will also bring back some of their sheen (in addition to its current effect).
  • When chaining a Rising Slash into a Roundslash, the timing was off, and instead of continuing the chain with a
  • Roundslash would continue with a Lateral Slash or Shield Attack.
  • Spiral Slash from Dual Blades has had its attack power and elemental scaling enhanced slightly.
  • When employing Spiral Slash too closely to a monster, the hellfire from Hellfireblight would remain on the player instead of transferring to the ground.
  • When employing Spiral Slash with the Dual Blades, the correct speech lines should now play.
  • The issue where the skill Intrepid Heart would not activate properly when hit during the Dual Blades’ Shrouded Vault
  • move animation’s end frame or the Hammer’s Water Strike animation’s start frame has been fixed.
  • Increased attack power for the Hammer’s Dash Breaker ability. Moreover, if you execute a charge immediately before
  • Dash Breaker stops, and you will begin at full charge instead of continuing from your prior charge level.
  • Mallet — Silken Tie The damage and elemental resistance of the Spinning Bludgeon have both been improved.
  • When activated, Hunting Horn’s melodic effect, “Sharpness Extension,” now returns some of the sharpness that was lost.
  • Improved effect time and Wirebug Gauge speed of Gunlance’s Ground Splitter.
  • The Firebug Gauge cost of Gunlance—Hail Cutter has been reduced to 1, and its recovery speed has been increased to Medium.
  • Gunlance, Ground Splitter: Corrected a timing issue where the blowback negation and damage reduction effects would
  • end before the player’s animation finished playing after successfully striking a monster.
  • Gunlance: Fixed a problem where Large Barrel Bombs and Mega Barrel Bombs might detonate at inopportune moments due to the forward movement of Bullet Barrage.
  • Fix for a bug in Gunlance wherein pressing the button designated for an Overhead Smash would instead chain into a Shelling when performing a sequence of attacks consisting of a Lunging Upthrust, Quick Reload, and Overhead Smash.
  • The attack power of the Insect Glaive was modified to reflect the following relationship between the number of extract colors used and the attack power:
  • One-Color Extract, Slightly Enhanced Attack Power
  • Two-Colored Extracts: Slightly Enhanced Attack Power
  • The increased offensive potential across all three extract colors

Here are some tweaks to the Heavy Bowgun’s Crouching Shot ability:

  • Overheat indicator recovery time has been decreased.
  • We were able to shorten the amount of time that the system ran in overheating.
  • Increases in both the number of shots and the frequency of rapid-fire have been implemented for Normal Ammo 1-3,
  • Pierce Ammo 1-3, Flaming Ammo, Water Ammo, Freeze Ammo, and Thunder Ammo.
  • The time between rapid-fire bullets has been shortened for Dragon Ammo, Piercing Dragon Ammo, and all Status-Effect Ammo Types 1-3.
  • Heavy Bowgun: Fixed an issue where receiving damage while crouching in the Counter Charger or Counter Shot activated the skill Intrepid Heart after the counter was effectively triggered.
  • Certain weapon sound effects no longer malfunction when there are too many other sound effects active at once.
  • We fixed an issue where using Switch Skill Swap on an endemic species, such as Lampsquid, would cause the Redirection skill to write a message in the chat log even though the skill effect had not been activated.
  • It is no longer possible for shorter effect durations to replace the intended durations for Gourmet Fish and Immunizer (like from the skill Wide Range).
Monster Hunter World Patch Note Update
Monster Hunter World Patch Note Update
  • The issue, where Hellfireblight might burst on successive hits despite having a blowback negation effect enabled, has been resolved (the intended behavior is that only blowback hits would cause the Hellfireblight explosion).
  • Correction made for an issue introduced in 12.0.1 where the Defense Down icon would incorrectly show up at times.
  • A problem introduced in has been fixed in which the Defense Down icon appeared at the wrong times.
  • When the Bleeding status is active, the health bar’s various sections flash in distinct colors to make them simpler to distinguish.
  • The bug where using an Antidobra to reverse the Frenzy status caused by the skill Bloodlust would ignore the red health gauge’s size and restore more health than intended has been fixed.
  • The prices of several Palamute Equipment have changed. Each tool now has a longer cooldown period.
  • Double-Edged Sword: Greater Attack Power and Higher Elemental Scaling
  • The stun and exhaust valves of the parasol shield have been slightly raised.
  • Increased Attack Power thanks to Steel Fang and Stoutcore Fang
  • Large Shuriken: Small uptick in elemental scaling; slight downtick in status effect scaling
  • Scaling for elements, attack power, and status effects on Palamute Silkbinder have all been tweaked for the better.
  • Fixed an issue where, under rare circumstances, Palamutes wouldn’t follow the player after entering combat with a monster.
  • The bug where unsheathed Palamutes would sometimes repeat a starting and halting movement during battle has been fixed.
  • The issue where the X icon would appear on things that might be gathered to the Palamute Pouch has been resolved.
  • Issue fixed where hitting Apex Rathian with the Kittenator would startle the monster but not topple it.
  • Fixed an issue where, if no monsters are present in the immediate region, Palamutes might occasionally go for a monster in the adjacent area.
  • There is no longer a discrepancy between the preview and the actual colors when modifying the “06” option for the Palamute fur pattern.

Increases have been made to the destructive potential of the following weapon classes when wielded by followers: The Great Sword, the Long Sword, the Sword and Shield, the Dual Blades, the Lance, the Gunlance, the Switch Axe, the Charge Blade, the Insect Glaive, the Light Bowgun, the Heavy Bowgun, and the Bow.

  • Issue fixed where Followers weren’t receiving the intended item effects from some items.
  • We’ve fixed a problem that prevented the Follower gestures from functioning correctly in Acrobat 1 and Acrobat 2.
  • The problem was fixed where a second Follower wouldn’t be allowed to start Wyvern Riding on a mountable creature if the previous one had been killed in battle.
  • When utilizing two blades, Utsushi no longer spams a Switch Skill Swap.
  • Utsushi can now successfully conduct a Swap Evade after a successful Switch Skill Swap when utilizing a heavy Bowgun, a problem that previously prevented him from doing so.
  • It has been fixed so that Galleus can now use the great sword in Strongarm Stance combinations.
  • Correction made so that Fugen no longer uses Spirit Helm Breaker if his Spirit Bar is too low to do so (when using a long sword).
  • Silkbind Sakura Slash, a long sword technique used by Fiorayne, Rondine, and Utsushi, now has its hit effects unaffected by the player’s settings.
  • Correction made so that Luchika, Hinoa, and Utsushi no longer have their bow combinations interrupted midway through.
  • The issue where Arlow, Fugen, and Utsushi would freeze in place when wielding a hammer to attack a monster was fixed.
  • Incorrect behavior where the exclamation point (!) for newly added Followers wouldn’t show up if the Follower selection screen was checked immediately after the Follower Info page had been checked has been resolved.


  • We’ve fixed an issue where a monster’s situational speech lines wouldn’t play when it uses a devastating strike while fatigued.
  • Astalos’s left-wing talon sweep attack no longer deals multiple hits inadvertently.
  • Corrected an issue where the host and guests might see different locations for Shock Traps in-game. This could cause a monster to trip the trap in an inaccurate position.
  • Fix for a bug where the afterburn from a Rathian’s (including an Apex or Gold Rathian’s) or Rathalos’s (including an Apex or Gold Rathalos’s) breath attack wasn’t being displayed correctly on inclines.
  • The problem where Espinas and Flaming Espinas would sometimes immediately launch an assault upon waking up has been fixed.
  • The problem is fixed where the prey of an Espinas or Flaming Espinas would continue to move after the game is paused.
  • The problem where Flaming Espinas wasn’t showing up on Anomaly Investigations has been resolved.
  • There is no longer a visual effect on Rajang’s arms if the player breaks its tail at the precise moment it enters fury mode; this was a rare but annoying occurrence.
  • The bug where heavy bow gunners couldn’t use Counter Shot to parry Teostra’s pounce assault has been fixed.
  • Occasionally, Teostra’s “Nova” assault wouldn’t go off in the right spot; this has been fixed.
  • Scorned Magnamalo will no longer fail to initiate turf wars and will instead stick to ordinary attacks if this bug ever rears its head again.
  • The issue where Lucent Nargacuga’s poison spike rain would increase in intensity after its tail was severed has been fixed.
  • Bug fixed where Violet Mizutsune’s bubbles wouldn’t always disappear when she spoke.
  • When Violet Mizutsune is surrounded by flames, the hit effects’ brilliance is toned down.
  • It has been fixed so that not all of Violet Mizutsune’s bubbles have the wrong attack settings.
  • There is no longer a random chance that Risen Chameleos won’t emerge from its invisibility.
  • Corrected an issue that would prevent the turf war animation between Lunagaron and Garangolm from playing in certain areas of the Citadel set.
  • It has been resolved that Gaismagorm’s assaults may not have displayed correctly on some PC configurations.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that caused hit effects on Anomaly Cores to trigger more frequently than intended at high frame rates.
  • Bug fixed where monsters would sometimes slide down instead of climbing over cliffs when playing at high frame rates.

Situations and Ambience

  • When attempting to enter the fighting area in the Yawning Abyss or the Forlorn Arena, a fadeout no longer causes the player to be sent back to the base camp.
  • Infected material harvesting on the remote island in the Jungle no longer causes other players to be thrown out of the session.
  • When Dynamic Shadows is activated, the black haze effect seen in the distance in the Sandy Plains, Jungle, Citadel, and Infernal Springs is now less pronounced.

Origin and Infrastructure

  • Since the Smithy now contains new enhancements, the randomization parameters have been modified correspondingly (including for existing augmentations).
  • The option to turn unused augment points into loot has been added to Smithy’s armor augmentation process.
  • It is now possible to execute consecutive Melding—Rebirths, and Melding—Reincarnations at the Market’s melding pot without having to manually move the cursor to the next available Talisman.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the Toadversary in the Training Area would have varying stats according to the active mission.
  • There is no longer a significant delay before the equipment box displays anything if a player has a lot of Talismans.
  • There is no longer a problem with entering the equipment box using “Set Decorations” and then searching for equipment with only a Rampage Decoration slot, where the sort order would be wrong.
  • The bug where a Kinsect added to a loadout would show up in the preview while viewing the list of load-outs via the “Layered Equipment Loadouts” option in the Equipment Sets menu has been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue where conflicting messages would appear when the player tried to choose a layered equipment loadout that included more than one type of weapon.
  • Now, you have the option of saving your search parameters while looking for Anomaly Investigations to join on the Quest Board.
  • No longer will the minimum level be reset at set intervals while looking for Anomaly Investigations to join the Quest Board.
  • After looking for Anomaly Investigations on the Quest Board with particular criteria, the issue where some categories would not be reset when returning to the “Responding to Join Requests” screen without saving has been fixed.
  • Trade Goods in the Argosy now include Fire Herbs, Flowers, Thunderbugs, Snow Herbs, and Dragon fell Berries.
  • You can now “Order Items” from the Argosy and have a greater chance of receiving more Fire Herbs, Flowers, Thunderbugs, Snow Herbs, and Dragon fell Berries from your Friends.
  • The Anomaly Research Lab now has a wider variety of uncommon materials, armor spheres, jewels, and merging solutions available for trade.
  • Modified the requirements for obtaining things that can be traded for others at the Anomaly Research Lab.
  • The canteen’s lighting has been updated so that it now conforms to the style prevalent in Kamura Village.
  • The Courier will now display a “Checking add-on content” notification whenever this functionality is used.


  • The amount of Research Points gained from killing A2-A6 monsters has been raised.
  • Anomaly Quests will now properly award Anomaly Research points.
  • When you finish an Anomaly Investigation, your quest level will improve more quickly.
  • There is now a higher cap of level 120 on Anomaly Investigations and Anomaly Quests, allowing for more Anomaly Research points to be gained.
  • After accepting an Anomaly Investigation in a Lobby and subsequently switching bases, you will no longer be locked out of completing that investigation until you have completed it.
  • Corrected an issue where using an Apex Arzuros or Apex Rathian on an Anomaly Investigation could result in undesired rewards.
  • The current count of faints can be shown when accepting a Join Request to an Anomaly Investigation.
  • In Anomaly Investigations, when the Furious Rajang or Seething Bazelgeuse appeared as invaders, the Unstable Environments symbol wasn’t shown.
  • The problem where the Mutual Likes points would shift color as you scrolled through the Anomaly Investigations results screen when there was a negative adjustment among the findings has been fixed.
  • During certain Anomaly Investigations quests, players can carve Jyuratodus into Afflicted Cortexes.
  • A bug has been fixed that allowed players to use the fence during the Roar of the Black Eclipse Event Quest, despite there being only a single monster for them to kill.


  • A problem where the hunting horn’s Anjanath Tree didn’t have its stacked weaponry equipped has been fixed.
  • The sheath length of Shagaru Magala Tree lances has been adjusted so that they no longer appear to be shorter than other lances.
  • Adjusted the explanation and renamed the Silver Rathalos light Bowgun the Silver Rathling Phoenix.
  • If the hunter used the Weapon Pose while sporting either the Rathian Helm X or the Golden Lunehelm, the chain mail no longer clips into his mouth.
  • This bug, which only occurred when wearing the Unique Pose Set, has been fixed. Previously, the player character model would protrude through any capes that were part of their equipment.
  • Lien Headgear’s multilayer protection now adapts to the player’s preferred hair color.
  • The Clockwork Helmet rendering issue was fixed where some of a Type 1 player character’s hair wouldn’t appear.
  • Fix a problem where the “Braided” hairdo wouldn’t appear correctly when wearing certain hats.
  • Correction made so that the Canyne C Snowshear Mail no longer looks stretched when the player makes the “Pumped Up!” gesture.
  • The problem with the Canyne Mosgharl, Canyne Somna, Canyne Ibushi, and Canyne Sinister’s luminous components not turning on has been resolved.
  • The Felyne Tree and Shell-Studded Tree preview screens have been updated.


  • Any text entered into an Action Bar shoutout or sticker shortcut will now appear in a floating window at the top of the screen.
  • Sometimes, when you access the Status panel while wearing augmented armor, it wouldn’t show which talents were now active.
  • When using a Radial Menu item shortcut to access the pouch, the issue where the pointer wouldn’t progress to the next page has been fixed.
  • We’ve resolved an issue that allowed players to receive the Great Wirebug Medal without fulfilling the necessary requirements.
  • An issue where the mouse couldn’t be used to select infected items on the Large Monsters list was fixed. This only occurred when there were two or more pages of information.
  • When selecting an endemic creature from the Endemic Life list that has a corrupted photo data set attached to it, an error warning would appear and could not be dismissed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Large Monsters list information window wouldn’t react to the mouse wheel when scrolling through the inventory.
  • When playing in a 21:9 aspect ratio, we fixed an issue wherein system notifications and the Button Guide would not always match the other screens.


  • There is no longer a bug where Jae would randomly start speaking Japanese if the game is set to the “Monster Hunter Language.”
  • Instances of Waterblight and Dash Juice should now cause the Stamina Gauge to blink when using the “Dynamic” setting for the Health & Stamina Gauge display.
  • I went into Advanced Graphics Settings and tweaked the Processing Load display for Dynamic Shadows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mhw Still Being Updated in 2022?

There are no more content updates coming. The game is complete.

Is Monster Hunter World Getting Anymore Updates?

Even if Monster Hunter: World will last forever, the release of Version 15.10 is a somber reminder that no further post-launch content will be added.

Is There a New Monster Hunter Game Coming Out in 2022?

Wild Hearts, a new Monster Hunter-style game developed by Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo, will release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in 2019. In particular, you can expect this EA Originals game to hit shelves on February 17, 2023. The trailer for the game, which was released today, serves as the source of this information.

Will There Be a New Monster Hunter Game in 2023?

In 2023, a new Monster Hunter mobile game will be released.

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