Hawked, A Multiplayer Extraction Shooter Will Be Available On Pc, Ps5, Xbox Series, And Ps4!

Hawked, A Multiplayer Extraction Shooter: On PC via Steam, a closed alpha test will be available from November 24 to November 28. It will include the “Hunt Mode” of the game and enable the creators to gather feedback that will influence the development and refine the game’s vision. The official website has information regarding participation.

Here is a summary of the game provided by UPWAKE.ME:

In the online shooter HAWKED, teams or lone players compete to find and take wealth from a far-off island. In an all-out heist for treasure and mystical relics, players must explore this strange island, compete with one another, and fight greedy saurian so-called Disciples.

They will also have to worry about other players who are vying for their loot in addition to the monsters. Along the route, problems including traps, puzzles, dangerous settings, and other obstacles must be overcome.

Hawked, A Multiplayer Extraction Shooter
Hawked, A Multiplayer Extraction Shooter

The main game mode for the restricted Alpha will be Hunt, where players will search the island for artifacts. The Artifacts, on the other hand, are usable items that offer in-game benefits, and once a player extracts them, they are theirs to keep for subsequent games.

Obtaining Artifacts can be done in a variety of ways throughout the game. They can be looted from vanquished opponents as well as through PvE battles like a glyph battle. A player can obtain four glyphs throughout these encounters, which they can use to unlock the vault, which is filled with various artifacts.

The player with the most artifacts will be declared the overall winner, but the developer wants all players to feel as though they can accomplish something worthwhile in every game even if they only extract one artifact.

The adventurers guild GRAIL recently made the find of a lifetime in the HAWKED universe when they discovered the mysterious island of X-Isle, which is home to potent artifacts from a long-lost civilization.

However, when the island’s monster residents invade, GRAIL’s attempts to remove the artifacts are unsuccessful. Enter the Renegades, mercenaries with a taste for looting who go in search of hidden treasure. You may also check God Of War Ragnarok On Playstation Sold 5 Million Units In Its First Week.

While exploring the island as Renegades, the players will have access to a wide variety of weapons and tools, fight dangerous monsters, outsmart adversaries, and shoot each other. In a world that is constantly changing and is full of deadly hazards, lush jungles, and ancient ruins, players will run, jump, surf, zipline, and soar through it.

To extract the treasure and leave the island, players must solve puzzles and avoid traps. Players can greatly customize their Renegade with customizable loadouts and abilities, and reclaimed riches can be used to upgrade gear and abilities. Utilize novel tools and gear, such as grappling hooks and katanas, to become an expert in stealth, defence, or lightning-quick looting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play HAWKEN with friends?

Additionally, players have the option to compete in Co-op Team Deathmatch, which functions just like Team Deathmatch and pits up to 6 people against artificial intelligence.

Although this game is playable on PS5, some features available on PS4 may be absent.

Is HAWKEN free on Xbox?

HAWKEN: War is A Machine – Free-to-Play Mech First-Person-Shooter. 

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