Gran Turismo 1.26 Update: Road Atlanta’s Michelin Raceway is a Popular Racing Venue

Gran Turismo 1.26 Update: Racers on Gran Turismo! Gran Turismo 7’s patch 1.26 releases tonight, November 23 (November 24 at 6 am GMT / 3 pm JST).

Three New, Highly-anticipated Vehicles Are Being Introduced

Bavarian Motor Works M2 Racer 2018

A hardened FR with the demonic might conceal within its little frame. Convertible versions of BMW’s 2 Series are especially well-liked because of their reputation as fun-to-drive, high-performance compacts. In the BMW M2 Competition, you’ll find the same 3.0L ‘S55’ twin-turbo inline-6 engine that powers the M3 and M4. The striking exterior design will be the first thing that catches the eye.

The exterior is the visual manifestation of speed with its enlarged fenders. Only 4,475 millimeters in length, it’s about the same size as an E36 M3 sedan. The car gives the driver a remarkable feeling of control, whether they’re driving in the city or out on the meandering backroads as if their own nerves extended to the far corners of the body.

There is a maximum of 404 bhp and 56.1 kg.m of torque available from the S55 engine. BMW’s inline-6 engines have a long history of peak performance, but this model stands out with its remarkable high revving performance and explosive power as the boost increases.

Used 1987 Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth

The undisputed king of touring car racing, this Cosworth-tuned masterpiece was a sight to be From 1982 on, Ford Europe developed the Sierra, a rather conventional family car with an aerodynamic hatchback design. However, Sierra’s reputation among automotive aficionados took a major turn in 1985. The addition of the Sierra RS Cosworth or “Cossie” as it’s more commonly referred to, by the renowned Cosworth was a major factor.

A 203-horsepower, 2.0-liter inline-four with double-overhead-camshaft and turbocharging propelled the Sierra RS Cosworth. The chassis was beefed up, and new fender extensions and a massive spoiler were added to the outside.

The next year, its output was bumped up to 223 BHP, and a limited run of 500 Sierra RS 500 Cosworth models was released, each with an engine designed specifically for racing and improved aerodynamics.

Gran Turismo 1.26 Update
Gran Turismo 1.26 Update

All these upgrades, of course, were made for touring car racing. From 1988 to 1990, the Sierra took home a number of international Group A series championship titles in countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Aero Package for the 1996 Nissan Silvia K14

The S14 Premium comes with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a spoiler on the trunk. Nissan introduced the S14 Silvia in October 1993 as the follow-up to the immensely popular S13 model; with its new, roomier body, the automaker aimed to repeat its popularity. The S14 now measures 1,730 mm in width, which is 30 mm wider than the S13. In addition to being 30 mm longer at 4,500 mm, the new model is also 5 mm taller at 1,295 mm.

However, the width of the vehicle stands out most due to the softer lines of the body design. Wheels of 16 inches were also standard on the K’s trim level. The motor is a tuned SR20 from the S13.

While the naturally aspirated Q’s and J’s versions only make 157 BHP/19.2 km between them, the top-tier K’s model with an Intercooled turbocharger makes 216 BHP/28 km, 14 BHP more than the previous generation.

The front struts and rear multilink system of the S13’s suspension have been retained. There was also an electronic rear-wheel-steering system called “Super HICAS” that could be installed on the vehicle. The 1996 Nissan facelift was an all-out reworking of the previous year’s model. The exterior’s mellow impression was hardened by the addition of scowling headlamps and a big genuine spoiler.

Introducing the Length of the entire race circuit at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta is 4,088 meters; there is an elevation change of 38 meters, and there are 12 turns. The straightest distance is 1275 meters.

Located a short distance north of Braselton, Georgia, the Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta is a legendary American road course that opened in 1970. Besides the 10-hour ‘Petit Le Man’s endurance race, this track is famous for staging tours for touring cars and prototype races.

Flowing high-speed turns necessitate full-throttle acceleration and forceful braking on this technical circuit, and the track’s tight confines and severe elevation changes mean that drivers must carefully plan their overtaking maneuvers in a number of blind corners.

Effectiveness in the Auto Sales Industry

After finishing the GT Café Menus, players who have the newest 1.26 patch update loaded (requires an active internet connection) will be able to sell vehicles from their private garages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will New Cars Be Added to GT7?

There will be a new version of the ND Mazda MX-5 (Roadster), a classic Skyline, the Maserati Merak, and a second variation of the Nissan GT-R GT3 race vehicle in Gran Turismo 7 starting the week of October 17th.

Will They Add More Tracks to G7?

There will be five additional racing modes added to the game. The Historic Sports Car Café Menu is relevant to three of these happenings. Many players may be disappointed to see that Update 1.25 does not introduce any new tracks or track configurations.

Will Gt7 Have More Cars Than Gt6?

Sony has stated GT7 will have more than 420 cars at launch. As a result, GT7 will launch with more vehicles than GT Sport. We anticipate more cars to be added to GT7 in subsequent upgrades after launch.

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