Warzone 2.0: Season 1 Battle Pass Should You Buy or Not?

Warzone 2.0: Season 1 Battle Pass: Weapon blueprints, Operator skins, XP tokens, and Call of Duty Points are just some of the things you may earn with the Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 battle pass (CP).

Warzone 2.0: Season 1 Battle Pass

It also features the first non-linear advancement mechanism for a battle pass in the series. The battle pass is like a map where you may select which rewards to unlock and in what sequence, rather than a linear progression of levels.

Season 1 features 20 Combat Sectors, plus a Bonus Sector and a Victory Sector. Those latter two are exclusive to battle pass purchasers.

Twenty free cosmetics can be unlocked with the base battle pass. It costs money but buying it grants access to over a hundred bonuses, such as the brand-new Operator Zeus. For 1,000 CP (about $10 USD), you can purchase the Season 1 Battle Pass. That will grant you immediate entry into Zeus via the Bonus Sector A0.

Further, Sector A0 offers the following benefits to its inhabitants:

  • Gain 10% more experience points via combat passes
  • Articulate Response.50 GS Weapon Blueprint
  • Myth Maker VEL 46 Weapon Blueprint
  • Time-related phobia display

The Olympus King Zeus skin, complete with a gold mask and matching accessories, is a reward from the Victory Sector. In addition to the 300 CP, you will also receive the blueprint for the Mortal’s Bane M4 weapon.

The battle pass’s worth may hinge on how much you appreciate the cosmetics it provides. Few of the gifts are actually useful, such as blueprints or new weapons, whereas the bulk is cosmetic things like Operator skins, calling cards, emblems, and gun screens.

Warzone 2.0: Season 1 Battle Pass
Warzone 2.0: Season 1 Battle Pass

On the other hand, the non-linear structure allows you to obtain your desired benefits at an earlier time than typical. Though you are required to finish a Sector before moving on to the next one, you have considerable leeway in choosing which prizes to acquire first.

Even if you don’t finish the pass, there’s a strong possibility you can still acquire the benefits you want to get. For this reason, the battle pass should be viewed as a one-time purchase. Battle pass buyers who also finish the challenge will receive 1,400 CP, more than enough to pay for the next season’s pass.

You might never have to buy another battle pass again if you plan on playing the game frequently. You’ll swiftly level up thanks to the pass’s Double XP Tokens and the Battle Token Tier Skips you’ll earn.

Buying the battle pass is recommended if you plan on spending a lot of time in the game. If you complete all of the Sectors in this season, you can move on to Season 2 at no cost, even if you don’t like the rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Warzone 2.0 Battle Pass Work?

When a player earns a Battle Pass Tier Skip, they can head to their preferred AO, select a reward, and activate it right there and then. What makes the Battle Pass in Warzone 2 so special is that once players have earned everything in one AO, they can move on to any of the AOs that border it.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Battle Pass?

All players have access to the game’s free tiers of content through the Battle Pass system, and anything that can affect the game’s balance, from the game’s base weaponry to its attachments, can be acquired by playing.

What is the Purpose of Battle Pass?

When it comes to video games, a battle pass is a form of monetization that offers extra material for the game, typically through a tiered structure, and rewards the player with in-game items for engaging with the game and accomplishing certain challenges.

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