Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Are Silly Without Their Voice Acting

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are pretty broken, but they are also really entertaining. It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to choose where to travel next and challenge missions and gym leaders out of order. The tale is also decent, but there is one huge flaw: none of the dialogue is voiced.

As a rule, I prefer reading the conversation in an RPG at my own pace. However, as evidenced by Scarlet and Violet, it’s evident that strategy is no longer effective.

Players have been sharing videos that make the games seem cringe-worthy due to the lack of voice acting ever since they were released earlier this month. It’s especially distracting in cinematically filmed and edited moments where characters are obviously trying to speak yet there are no accompanying noises.

One such tweet depicts Nemona, a competitor trainer, giggling hysterically as she talks about her passion for Pokémon battles.

Some players responded by bringing up a notorious scene from Pokémon Sword and Shield, in which the Spikemuth Gym Leader named Piers plays guitar and sings into a microphone without saying a word.

Despite the fact that animation and character expression are getting better and better with each game, the lack of voiced dialogue definitely limits how effective it may be.

An angry player took to Twitter to plead with the Pokémon company: “Dear Pokémon company, please stop adding characters whose whole career is singing or voice work just for your game not to have voice acting and having their model just shake in a 2-second loop with an open mouth over text bars in complete silence.”

In an effort to make up for it, several supporters have started providing their own dubs. The aforementioned TikTok scene was spoken by Kaisastreams, and it’s already noticeably better.

Dr. Bonehead, a YouTuber, even went further and had some of the game’s greatest scenes dubbed by other voice actors. My voice actor buddies and I spent the last few days putting this together,” they wrote. A plea to Game Freak: “Please, in Generation 10!” Comparison between the fan dub and the original scenes, as seen in a version uploaded on Twitter, is striking.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet
Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

I felt the same way when I played Tactics Ogre Reborn and then went straight to Scarlet and Violet. The remaster features completely voice-acted dialogue, and, while coming from still character images, it’s actually rather good compared to certain Square Enix dubs.

Though I was able to follow along with Scarlet and Violet’s battles and visits to the Pokémon Center thanks to text hints, the few lengthy sequences that lacked even that level of accompaniment immediately sent me reeling into the uncanny valley. They are so jarringly out of place that I initially thought they were a bug.

Including voice acting is a complex process in any game, but it’s especially challenging for a franchise as globally successful as Pokémon, which necessitates a plethora of regionally specific acting. Similarly, games with a considerably narrower scope than Xenoblade Chronicles 3 have accomplished this very thing.

Perhaps that would have happened if Game Freak had been given the same five years to develop Scarlet and Violet. Despite the lack of voice acting, Nintendo’s Gen 9 titles have been the company’s fastest-selling games to date. Therefore, I won’t be awaiting developments with bated breath.

Frequently asked questions

Why does Pokémon still not have voice acting?

To the best of anyone’s knowledge, voice acting has never been implemented in a Pokemon game and likely never will. The creators claim that players would be taken out of the immersive world of a Pokemon game if they used voice acting. It’s a stylistic choice that helps ensure cohesion between games, although video games may eventually progress beyond such restrictions.

What is special about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The main distinction between Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet is not the Pokémon themselves but rather the Pokémon professor you end up befriending: Professor Sada in Scarlet and Professor Turo in Violet. Now, for the first time ever, there will be two versions of a given generation taught by separate faculty members.

Is there a difference between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Scarlet and Violet’s Pokémon games center on the passage of time. As a symbol of the past, Scarlet stands in contrast to the hopeful Violet, who represents the future. You may have already noticed this by glancing at Sada and Turo, but Sada is dressed like a cavewoman and Turo is donning a skintight.

Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet be able to play together?

The game supports co-op play from start to finish. Although, due to Scarlet and Violet’s technical concerns, you may face hiccups and other problems during your performance. So, similar to playing the game solo, you shouldn’t expect an entirely trouble-free running experience.

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