Pokemon: Competitive Community Bans 4 Powerful mons

Pokemon: Competitive Community Bans 4 Powerful mons: Since Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet have been available for a few weeks, Pokémon trainers are swiftly becoming experts on all of the Pokémon. People that play Pokémon competitively are among the first to evaluate the pros and cons of new Pokémon and their moves. Smogon University, one of these communities, has already banned four extremely powerful Pokémon from competitive play.

Pokemon: Competitive Community Bans 4 Powerful mons

For competitive Pokémon battles, including those for Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, check out Smogon, a community with discussion boards and a battle-matching system. OverUsed (OU) is the most popular format in this massive community of thousands of battlers. The Pokémon Company, organizers of the Pokémon Video Game Championship (VGC), have no connection to this unofficial competitive community.

When it comes to official Pokémon events, Smogon’s rules solely apply to their community. Moreover, the vast majority of Smogon’s rulesets are designed for singles encounters, whilst the VGC format is reserved for doubles bouts.

The rules and Pokémon tiers are decided by a council of nine experts in the game; seven of the nine members must agree to ban a Pokémon before it is officially banned. When it comes to competition, why should a Pokémon be banned? They would quickly become too powerful, making the metagame less interesting and the format less balanced. Plus, you’re free to switch to a different, less common format if you’re set on using these Pokémon.

Paradox Pokémon Flutter Mane and the Greavard evolution Houndstone were the first two Pokémon to be banned. Smogon noted that Flutter Mane is one of the most formidable Pokémon due to its high special attack and speed stats and its unique abilities as a fairy/ghost Pokémon.

On the other hand, Houndstone isn’t particularly strong, but its Last Respects ability is. If it’s the last Pokémon standing, or very close to being the last Pokémon standing, this move will have an enormous amount of power. This is more significant in OU single battles than in VGC double battles due to the fact that OU single battle teams have six Pokémon while VGC double battle teams only have four.

Smogon considered outright banning the move, but at present Houndstone is the only monster in Scarlet and Violet capable of using it. If this were to change, then so too might this ruling.

Pokemon: Competitive Community Bans 4 Powerful mons
Pokemon: Competitive Community Bans 4 Powerful mons

Smogon’s council voted on Friday to ban Palafin and Iron Bundle, two more Pokémon. The cute dolphin Pokémon Palafin has an incredible power called Zero to Hero that essentially makes it into a superhero. Though Palafin, like Houndstone, initially appears to be a benign creature, its Zero to Hero ability is what truly pushes it over the edge.

As one council member put it, “far too powerful, demanding, and low-cost.” In its Hero form, Palafin has a total of 650 base stats, as explained by Smogon’s council; this is higher than Mega Charizard and some popular legendary Pokémon used in competitive Pokémon battles, such as Cresselia, Thundurus, and Landorus. Some rare Pokémon have higher base stat totals, but even they are banned from Smogon’s OU tiers.

Iron Bundle, the Delibird-like Paradox Pokémon, was the next to get cut, due to its exceptional offensive abilities that are too hard to defend against, though it was the only one of the four banned Pokémon whose banning was not unanimous. Members of the group have elaborated on the rationale behind the bans on the Smogon message boards for each of these creatures.

Several other Pokémon, including Cyclizar, Chien-Pao, and Annihilape, were put to a vote by the Smogon council at the same time. As the OU metagame changes, the council will likely analyze these and more Pokémon again. Even though Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet have been out for a while now, there is still much left to learn about them.

Frequently asked questions

Do People Play Pokemon Competitively?

Players from all over the world compete in regional and local tournaments to earn prizes like cash and college scholarships, as well as a coveted spot in the annual Pokémon World Championships, an invite-only esports tournament that features both Pokémon video games and the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

What is the Most Popular Competitive Pokemon Format?

The Pokemon Video Game Championships (VGC) format is the most common and official one. Traditional six-on-six Doubles and, of course, Singles are also available.

Why Do I Keep Losing in Pokemon Go Battles?

Either the opponent’s superiority or the game’s laggy controls will lead to a player’s defeat.

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