Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica: Good Smile Revealed Laughing Statue

Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica: The Princess of the Emblian Empire, Veronica, is the subject of a new statue released by the Good Smile company, which is based on her appearance in Fire Emblem Heroes. Popular among Good Smile’s many lines of pop culture collectibles is the company’s Nendoroid line of miniature figures.

Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica

Good Smile has also released a number of sculptures and Nendoroids based on Intelligent Systems’ mobile game Fire Emblem, with this latest statue depicting a pivotal figure from that game.

After initially being the game’s antagonist, Veronica, princess of the Emblian Empire, eventually becomes an ally of Askr, the kingdom the player defends. As of this writing, she is transitioning into a hesitant anti-hero position in Fire Emblem Heroes, replete with a new look and unit that were originally seen in the Book 6 midpoint trailer. That’s why this statue represents her so well; she’s just like the other rare Ascended units the player can call.

A statue of Veronica was recently unveiled at the WonHobby Gallery 2022 Autumn exhibition in Japan, where attendees could see the latest news and images of upcoming and brand-new figures. According to the description, this statue is part of the Scale Figure line, which is meant to be a 1:1 scale representation of the character.

This is apparent in the statue’s attention to detail, which includes recreating Veronica’s pose, book, and outfit from Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica
Fire Emblem Heroes Veronica

Fans who saw the sculpture praised its aesthetic quality, with some pointing out that it is the first statue based on a character from Fire Emblem Heroes rather than one of the game’s more recognizable figures.

Despite the fact that the game’s adversaries have changed with each Book, Veronica is still widely regarded as a central figure because she was the initial antagonist and her current arc has been widely lauded by players.

This statue isn’t up for pre-order just yet, but maybe fans will be able to buy it soon. If it’s anything like Good Smile’s other scale models, this one will be quite pricey due to its elaborate design and massive size.

Cuphead and Mugman Nendoroids, among others, were among the several Good Smile sculptures that were unveiled during the WonHobby Gallery 2022 Autumn presentation. The mobile RPG Fire Emblem Heroes is out today for both iOS and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Veronica Playable Feh?

When it comes to playable villains in Fire Emblem Heroes, Veronica is the first to get her own version.

Is Thrasir a Veronica?

She eventually discloses that Thrasir is actually Veronica from the future, in which her realm to suffers heavy losses, including the life of her cherished older brother Bruno.

What Fire Emblem Game is Veronica in?

English. Veronica makes her appearance as the game’s primary adversary in Book I, and she quickly becomes a fan favorite. She is a young princess of the Emblian Empire. Through her manipulation of intergalactic heroes, she plans to bring down the Askran Kingdom.

Is Veronica a good Dragon Quest?

Even though she is one of the most powerful mages in the entire Dragon Quest series, Veronica is still no match for your run-of-the-mill spell caster. She will go down like a lead balloon unless she has some serious weapons, armor, and buffs.

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