Evil West New Game Plus: Additional Content, Campaign Playtime, and More

Evil West New Game Plus: You may be curious as to whether or not Evil West features a New Game Plus option. After all, it’s frustrating to spend hours strengthening your character just to find out that you can’t take your hard work with you when the game is over.

Evil West New Game Plus

There are a ton of customization options in Evil West, and Jesse Rentier’s arsenal and set of abilities grow as the game progresses. When you finally beat the game, do you get to start over from the beginning?

Can I use New Game Plus in the Evil West?

You can start a new game in Evil West if you want to. After the final boss is defeated, a final cutscene is viewed, and the credits are completed, the player is returned to the game’s main menu. There’s a button-up top that allows you to restart the game with all of your previous progress intact.

Evil West New Game Plus
Evil West New Game Plus

But what else does this have to offer? There are often more enemies to defeat and much stronger enemy types. Based on my experience with New Game Plus, it seems that Evil West has no effect.

Fortunately, cash pickups reappear, so you can keep on collecting that and using it to increase Jesse’s stats and improve his abilities. However, there will be just as many of your old foes to face up against. Although, the difficulty may always be increased, which is a welcome feature.

When you play through the game again with all of the weapons unlocked, you will be able to destroy everything in your way. Although this is somewhat dissatisfying and lacks any other modes, it is better than nothing. Shadow Warrior 3, Flying Wild Hog’s last major action game, received a New Game Plus patch after release.

Frequently asked questions

What is the point of New Game Plus?

After completing a game for the first time, some games provide an unlocked mode called New Game+ (NG+), which allows the player to begin a second playthrough with additional content or game mechanics unavailable during the initial playing.

Is there anything different in New Game Plus?

Why do we need New Game Plus? Every Dark Souls game has had an NG+ mode where you can start over with much of your previous progress (i.e., your equipment, items, and level) preserved. It’s true that this setting makes the opponents in Elden Ring more difficult, but it also gives you a lot more runes when you destroy them.

Is New Game Plus harder or easier?

Playing with New Game Plus’s streamlined controls should be a breeze. Enemy and bosses’ damage and health increase, but not so drastically that you have to start from scratch. The late-game bosses, though, will continue to challenge you, perhaps even more so than before.

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