Evil West Game Review: Kickass Horror Action Game Brings Vampires To The Wild West!

Evil West Game Review: You are aware of the laws? Vampires. Do you know another rule? Westerns. Surprisingly little is used of both of them in games. Even if there are games like Red Dead Redemption and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, vampires and cowboys don’t appear in them very frequently.

Much less collectively. Before now. The developer Flying Wild Hog, best known for their amazing Shadow Warrior remake trilogy, introduces Evil West, a new character action game. The outcome is a lovely combo that I wish would occur more frequently.

In the fictional American frontier setting of Evil West, Jesse Rentier, a member of a secret hunter group, hunts down and kills nighttime zombies as he makes his way through the frontier. The setting is one of the most captivating and unique of the year right from the bat.

Horror and western go along so well, and there are twisted takes on standard-setting tropes. There is no shortage of intriguing and unusual locations to discover, from a wild west town controlled by vampire familiars who gather blood for their masters to an inverted pyramid that serves as a blood temple where the floors run red with it.

Evil West Game Review
Evil West Game Review

The game’s gameplay takes a page from God of War’s playbook; why not learn from the best? and Jesse is controlled by players in both battle and exploration from a close-up third-person viewpoint.

Players have access to a wide range of tools, including a huge iron gauntlet that provides melee damage and pistols that let them stun or attack weak places on the enemy. As players advance and level up, Jesse’s armament expands, and he quickly becomes a vampire’s worst nightmare as he dodges around and destroys the living.

When an enemy reveals their weakness, there are even some advanced skills like parrying and popping off shots from Jesse’s gun. The combat can be as intense as you choose. And everything is incredibly satisfying.

Players will explore the landscape while engaged in combat and will be rewarded for deviating from the main path with lots of backstories to further describe this nightmare wasteland. The lore of Evil West is some of the most intriguing I’ve read in recent memory, and I became fixated on locating all of my artifacts to fully understand Jesse and his universe.

The plot advances quickly. In its early going, you move from location to location and fight a variety of foes; each section is bookended by an amazing set piece or boss battle. Evil West won’t be criticized for being monotonous if anyone does.

Even better, after spending roughly 14 hours with Evil West, I experienced most of what the game has to offer. I believe character action games gain from how well they play and how willing gamers are to replay the game on harsher settings, despite some people criticizing its length.

If I’m being really honest, I can’t wait to return to Evil West on harsher levels, especially because I managed to barely survive a few encounters on standard difficulty. The fact that the entire game can be played in co-op distinguishes Evil West from God of War and assures players that they may work with a friend to murder vampires to their heart’s delight.

Even though I wasn’t able to test this aspect of the game, it’s good to know that it’s an alternative for those who are interested. On the other side, the level of performance is lacking. I was raised with the belief that for character action games to be smooth and responsive, they must operate at a frame rate of 60.

Unfortunately, all platforms—aside from Xbox Series X and Playstation 5—run Evil West at 30 frames per second. The resolution is locked at 1080p when played at 60 frames per second on those consoles, which is a trade-off on many levels.

One can only hope that the developer will be able to get past those performance barriers and offer the best experience to players. In many ways, Evil West reminds me of older video games. The emphasis is on telling a fun story in a fantastic setting with awesome gameplay.

Furthermore, it isn’t hindered by in-game microtransactions, live-service components, or a buggy experience. In essence, Evil West is a fantastic horror-action game that I hope doesn’t get overlooked in a year with so many excellent horror releases. It’s a game that fans of the horror genre, the western genre, and video games should all play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Evil West on the Xbox game pass?

Game Pass does not include Evil West. As a result, the only method to play the game is to purchase it from the Microsoft Store and play it on an Xbox or PC. Given how few Focus Entertainment games have been added to Game Pass, this is not entirely unexpected.

How many hours is Evil West?

According to Flying Wild Hog, who spoke with Xbox Dynasty, a typical playthrough of Evil West will last between 10 and 15 hours.

Is evil West Crossplay?

We regret to inform you that Evil West does not support crossplay. In response to a question concerning the well-liked feature, Tomasz Gop & Andre Golebski from Flying Wild Hog stated that they “didn’t have enough time to implement crossplay for all platforms” at roughly the 12-minute mark of a recent developer stream.

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