Eternights: An Endless Adventure Of Fun And Excitement!

Eternights: “Eternights” is an upcoming hack-and-slash JRPG that focuses on combat and dating, and it was announced during the State of Play in June 2022. The “Persona”-inspired game, created by Studio Sai, aims to occupy players while they wait for the release of “Persona 6.”

According to the Steam description, something transforms people into violent, destructive monsters. You must not only thwart them and look for a cure but also look out for those you care about while the world ends.

Players have the option to spend time with five other characters while learning their storylines and getting access to unique combat abilities while foraging for supplies or rushing through dungeons.

Similar to “Persona,” the game uses a calendar system where you have to decide each day what to do with your time before it is all gone. Here is all the information you need to know about “Eternights.”

Eternights Release Date

The ethereal nights will come quickly. Even though the game was only disclosed to fans, it won’t be too painful to wait since it won’t be released until early 2023. Eternights will most likely be in players’ possession between January and March of 2023 if they are released EARLY in 2023.


What Are The Eternights Platforms?

The game will be released on the PS4, PS5, and PC, according to the State of Play 2022 announcement. There is currently no information on whether the game will be a real console exclusive for Sony or if an Xbox version will be released at some point in the future.

Eternights Gameplay

The “Eternights” description on Steam describes it as a dungeon crawler, which fits with the few preview clips. The main character uses his magic arm, which transforms into a sword, to battle a powerful foe.

It’s not evident from the teaser, but during the battle, several button prompts either showed the attack combinations or hinted at the occasional fast-time event. It’s unclear how many enemies you’ll be facing at once because the majority of the showcased battles only include one enormous monster.

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By investing in your connections with the supporting cast, you can access more spells and skills and make them stronger in battle. As they practice, explore dungeons, and level up, players must navigate traps, riddles, and dance minigames.

There may be alternatives to walking through the dungeons, as the player character in the announcement trailer also rides a motorcycle down a tunnel.

Eternights Trailer

The “Eternights” unveiling trailer highlights numerous game-related topics. It sets up the plot, in which a select few people are left to attempt to save humanity. The main character appears to lose his right arm in a fight, but as part of the abilities he employs to battle the monsters, he grows back a glowing replica of it.

There are four supporting characters in addition to the main one: Sia, Yuna, Min, and Yohan. There aren’t many videos of Yohan that show how he is involved, but Sia, Yuna, and Min seem to be dateable and available in battle.

A mixture of 2D painted anime scenes and 3D animated cutscenes appears to be used for the narrative parts. The teaser moves quickly and juggles a lot of information, including furious encounters showcasing weapons and abilities, interludes set in a school or subway, and more contemplative, romantic scenes.

Eternights Story

A dying universe is introduced to us in the trailer. A youngster who has had his arm severed and who gains the power to reassemble his arm and wield it as a weapon is the player character.

Final Lines

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