Battlefield 2042 Story Mode: Explaining Lack of Campaign and Story Mode

Battlefield 2042 Story Mode: Along with Call of Duty: Vanguard, it’s one of the year’s most popular games, and it features three distinct game modes: Hazard Zone, All-Out Warfare, and Portal. While Hazard Zone and All Out Warfare are utter anarchy, Portal is undoubtedly the most anticipated because of its nearly endless creative potential.

Will There Be a Campaign in Battlefield 2042?

There is no campaign in Battlefield 2042. It was confirmed back in June that the game does not include a single-player story mode for fans to enjoy. Considering that the story mode in Call of Duty: Vanguard can be completed in about five to seven hours, this has certainly dissatisfied some players.

As for why there’s no single-player story experience, Daniel Berlin, the game’s design director, said the following to Eurogamer:

We’re not doing a traditional single-player campaign this time around so we can focus on making the multiplayer experience rich and rewarding. Because that’s where our strengths lie.

Battlefield 2042 Critical Story

Although there is no campaign mode, there is a story for Battlefield 2042. You can witness the game’s narrative by watching the short film Exodus on YouTube. Away from the short film, Berlin also informed Eurogamer that the tale will be carried with seasons:

Battlefield 2042 Story Mode
Battlefield 2042 Story Mode

“You still have a narrative-driven universe, it’s something that you will see through the eyes of the specialists that we’re introducing,” added Berlin. “As we move through the live service, and the seasons, we’ll bring new specialists, and you’ll witness how the world evolves through the eyes of the specialists that we have.”

Battlefield 2042: Game Modes for Multiple Players

At the debut, players can engage in All-Out-Warfare, Hazard Zone, or Portal multiplayer modes. Massive in scope, All-Out-Warfare features 128 players on next-gen but only 64 on Xbox One and PS4. And in the meantime, some have likened the Hazard Zone experience to that of Escape from Tarkov.

Finally, Portal is undoubtedly the most fascinating because you can alter the rules and even include components from other games in your creations.

Frequently asked questions

Why does Battlefield 2042 not have a story mode?

A single-player mode was not included in Battlefield 2042 when it was first released. Instead, the bulk of the game’s narrative unfolds in its online multiplayer modes. The crew was then free to concentrate on the game’s online functionality.

Will Battlefield 2042 ever get a campaign?

There will be no single-player or multiplayer campaigns in Battlefield 2042.

Is Battlefield 2042 story mode good?

Battlefield 2042 will please those who enjoy multiplayer experiences, but those who prefer single-player campaigns are likely to be left wanting. There are no single-player “campaign” missions in Battlefield 2042 in which players face off against computer-controlled foes.

Can I play the Battlefield 2042 campaign offline?

No, unfortunately, you cannot play without first connecting to the servers to retrieve your profile and then playing the game. There is no single-player story to follow, as the game’s focus is on online play.

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