Activision Blizzard: ABetter ABK will continue its fight despite the takeover by Microsoft!

Let it be said: the takeover of Activision by Microsoft does not mean that all its problems will be solved at the wave of a magic wand. The collective ABK Workers Alliance always aims to improve the working conditions of employees.

ABetter ABK will not lower its guard

Since Microsoft deposited a check for 70 billion dollars on the desk Activision, all video game players are asking a lot of questions about the future that will be written within the company. Although the Redmond firm formalized this acquisition on Tuesday January, it is important to specify that the purchase operation is still in progress at the time of writing these lines and that it will undoubtedly take several weeks before being able to consider this purchase as fully validated, even if it is true that very little could cancel it.

This fact being established, let’s project ourselves a little into the future, because this takeover does not necessarily mean a bright future for Activision. At least, not immediately. The publisher’s image is tarnished by its many lackluster internal affairs, which we have reported to you with transparency, both on toxic behavior within the group and the working conditions of employees. All of these events have led to several significant actions by several figures in the company. Jessica Gonzalez (who has since left her post), founded the collective ABK Workers Alliance which aims to denounce and improve working conditions at Activision-Blizzard. And this fight is far from over.

The Activision takeover won’t change anything

The organization has indeed announced via a press release posted on Twitter that this takeover will in no way affect its determination to change things for the company’s employees. She adds that three of her four initial demands aimed at improving working conditions for women have still not been met since the beginning of the movement, not forgetting to recall that she had asked for the dismissal of Bobby Kotick since last November . (he should leave his position in June 790).

The news of this takeover of Activision by Microsoft is surprising, but in no way changes the objectives of the ABK Workers Alliance. We are always determined to fight to improve the working conditions and rights of our employees, regardless of who controls the capital of the company.

We will continue to work alongside our allies across the video game industry to push for meaningful change and in an industry that desperately needs it.

She recalls in passing that the strike at Raven Software is still in progress for the fifth consecutive week, the staff still not having received a response from management concerning their approach to negotiation, and this, while the association had questioned the management on this subject two weeks ago. What the leaders of the studio refute. The association concludes its speech thus:

To date, three of our four initial requests to improve the conditions of women in Activision Blizzard’s business have not been satisfied. Regardless of the company’s leadership structure, we will continue our effort to #EndAbuseInGaming, and we appreciate the great outpouring of support we’ve seen over the past year.

The internal struggle therefore continues within the company Activision Blizzard, which is still trying to heal its wounds after terrible cases. The inclusive policy pursued by Microsoft for years should certainly correspond, it is in any case to be hoped, to the expectations expressed by the ABK Workers Alliance. At Microsoft, we are now warned.

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